Axport Educational Group, has become the most recognized brand in private education.

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corporate ESL Programs

Learn a Language Abroad Through classroom instruction, integrated activities, and practical interaction with your classmates in a variety of public settings.

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Local School Experiences During your placement you’ll have the opportunity, this will give you valuable insight and a great focus point for your application and interviews.

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English Courses with Local Family Enhanced by living with a trusted, local host family where English is spoken and helps build the skills and knowledge acquired in the classroom.

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The World Leadership Development Enhance world leadership development programs with best-in-class simulations, engage experiential learning tools accelerate leadership capability.

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College and University Visits Stepping foot on university campus is the best way to experience life at the global top 40 universities and discover whether this is the right place for you.

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Education Tour: Career Themed Camps Our Career, School & Life Skills camps identify and explore your individual strengths, stretch creative muscles and nurture independence.

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Axport Educational Group Global Study Tour & Promotion Management Center, a subsidiary of the Axport Education & Technology Group, is an outbound study tour provider to Chinese students, seeking an educational experience in diverse cultures and settings. In 2017, Global Study Tour Promotion & Management Center registered as Qingdao Influential Enterprise Operations Management Institute.

Today, an increasing number of Chinese students are considering opportunities to study abroad. From consulting services to full-time intensive study, Axport Educational Group offers a full suite of services to help students achieve – and get the most out of – their dream of international study.

Axport Educational Group provides job placement services for overseas returnees as well as outsourcing recruitment services for our customers through Axport Highway Career Services (Hereinafter referred to as Highway Career) whose mission is to expose international students world-wide to job opportunities in China.

As our motto suggests, language training is at the core of Axport Educational Group's business. While English is by far the most popular language we teach, we also provide courses in German, Japanese, French, Korean, Italian and Spanish. Our language students come from a wide range of educational backgrounds and have differing goals, motivations and abilities, but they all share a common purpose: achieving a brighter future through mastery of a foreign language.


Axport Educational Group has become the most recognized brand in Chinese private education. Based on founder groundbreaking vision, our innovative and inspirational instruction combines humorous, interactive teaching techniques with world-top educational values.

In the beginning, there were no roads in the world; only as people began traveling did roads come into being. Successful roads are formed not when people roam aimlessly, but when they are headed in the same direction. The same is true for Axport Educational Group; it was formed as people gathered to study. And like a successful road, it did not achieve its success by chance. People who shared dreams and aspirations worked together to forge an exciting trail.